Wednesday, July 21, 2010

All You Nursing Mommas!

My sister actually told me about this great deal. If you are a nursing mom, or will be one, you need to go to this website and get a FREE nursing cover! You will have to pay shipping. One of my good friends did this with success and had no problems. I warn you there is some stuff out there saying that it is a scam, but it seems unproven. Research for yourself if your worried...but I think it's ok. I haven't actually used this deal because I was given 3 when I had my son (and used them all!). They are super helpful and fold up really small so that you can always have one with you in case you need to nurse somewhere and you feel like you need the modesty.

Here is the link:

All you have to do is enter "onefree" in the codes section and you only pay shipping! Hope you enjoy!

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